Make your kid’s Summer Worthwhile

Make your kid’s summer meaningful, entertaining and worthwhile rather than spending the whole day watching TV, playing computer games or  surfing the net through smartphone or computer. 2-3 months of vacation just watching tv and playing computer games, may actually lose math proficiency over the summer. Don’t let this happen.


Enroll now your kids at SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE MATHEMATICS (S.A.M.)  a Singapore Math enrichment program for  kids ages 4 to 12 years old. SAM will help your kid understand  the concepts of the math equation and problem hence improving their math skills and would definitely  give them a new appreciation for math after taking Singapore Math class.


Why Enroll at S.A.M. ?

SAM’s program is based on Singapore Math curriculum of the Ministry of Education of Singapore. At SAM, we train children to develop an attitude of self-discovery and learning at a young age. Our trainers ask leading questions rather than spoon-feed children. We don’t let children memorize things rather we let me understand the concepts behind the math problem.



Use this discount coupon to avail discount for the enrollment.



Duration of the Promo:     March 1 , 2017 – May 31, 2017

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 15% Discount are for new kids enrolling in the SAM center. Those who are not in our system yet.
  2. Discount does not apply for kids who has left and rejoined the program.
  3. To avail the discount, the parent will have to fill up the application form. The SAM representative will have to record in the form the discount given and promo title for own records.

  4. The 15% Discount is applicable only for students enrolling minimum of 3 months.

  5. Parents will have to show discount coupon from Facebook Page to receive discount.

  6. The discount coupon is for one time use only.



To inquire and enroll :

Click here: http://localhost/seriously/enrolment/  or call the SAM branches:

Marikina – 0917-6563115 / 0932-8763115 / (02) 209-7265

Greenhills, San Juan –  0905-4476924/(02) 218-1118

West Ave. QC –  09178933104 / (02) 6228234

Lipa –   0909-2705464  /  0997-1272094 / (043) 703 2304

Binangonan, Rizal – 0998-8663606 / (02) 546-3448

Cebu –  0977-8137326 / (032 )415-1803

Davao – 0905-4671190 / (082)284-4934

Cagayan De Oro – 0917-303-4902


This discount promotion is not applicable to our BGC, Taguig branch.