4 Easy Ways to Help your Child Stop Cramming

It is known that cramming for an exam always leads to disastrous results. More often than not, your children will stress on memorizing and reading all information under pointers for review the night before. And as a parent, you too will inevitably stay up late to help your child memorize.

For sure, during this review session, you will touch up on why your child loves to cram and scolding and discussing why it should be avoided using up time in the process, making you both cram more. Then, on the day of the exam, your child will end up forgetting all the information while looking on this exam paper because of fatigue and stress.

Familiar? We have all been there, even as kids! So, here are ways how to help you and your child avoid the stress of cramming

(1)  Help your child understand the theory and logic behind the lesson. This will make for deeper understanding. Mention how important the lesson is to his future dream. Like a plant that is deeply rooted, deep information that grows will not be easily weeded out or forgotten.

(2)  Use familiar things or manipulatives to help your child remember. Associate topics with your child’s favorite toy or activity. In SAM Singapore Math, we use actual items to show how items are added, subtracted, multiplied etc. Take note that children remember better when all of their senses are used.

(3)  Prepare gradually towards exam week. Know where your child’s teacher left off on the last quiz or long test and make reviewers from there, most likely, the next exam will cover these topics. Do not wait until the pointers for review are given before you make reviewers. It is also helpful to ask your child to make the reviewers with you. This way, like the pictorial part of the CPA approach in Singapore Math, the child converts ideas into drawings and written words. This will make the child remember more.

(4)  Solicit the help of experts. SAM Singapore Math has the ACE Program, which can help your child focus on topics that will be covered in their exams. This way it will be easier for you to review your child at home since they had their minds and memories stretched early on during their ACE Program session.

Cramming the mind is like cramming a bag. When you are in a hurry, and put everything in haphazardly, it is so difficult to look for information in that jumble of a mess. Once our children develop their critical thinking skills and become independent learners, they will stop cramming naturally. We can help you and your child organize learning. Contact us now!