5 Life Skills every Parent should teach their Kids

All parents want and pray for all the best for their child. Our children are our primary inspiration for working long hours and saving up for the future. We are aware of the latest toys and gadgets and if budget permits, we are willing to buy them for our kids. But as a line from The Little Prince, a children’s book for adults, says “What is essential is invisible to the eye”. So as we strive to provide material riches to our children, we must also be present to teach them life skills that will sustain them as they grow up and mature.

Essential life skills will help our children better cope in the world and grow into a responsible, respectful and valuable member of society. Scientific research has proven that teaching life skills help our children become more creative and independent. Unlike money and possessions, knowledge on life skills will not deplete. In fact, it can grow better as our children exercise them. Here are the 5 critical life skills we need to teach our children.

1) Independent Learning

Parents, especially mothers, have the tendency to hover over their children and micro manage. Although our guidance is needed, children need to find answers and explore on their own. Letting them go and disciplining ourselves to teach with no spoon feeding  will motivate them to become independent learners

2) Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are developed more when a child memorizes less. It means, when a child knows a topic by heart and not just superficially, he has more ability to question, research and play with the idea. When a child starts to question “what if”, this is a sign that he is exercising his critical thinking skills

3) Problem Solving

Trying again and trying harder is an essential skill that will teach our children resilience – not only in the classroom but in life. During hard times, this is very important so your children can also understand you as well and even help out. Problem solvers are empowered by our SAM Singapore Math trainers. Your children will be taught to keep on trying to find a solution on their own.

4) Confidence

Enrolling your child in an enrichment program like SAM Singapore Math can boost confidence. Because not only will he be exposed to other children to whom he can relate to, he will also have supplementary learning aside from school. Doing so will put him ahead of his peers and soon, most of his classmates will come to him for help. This will surely boost his confidence!

5) Positivity

Not all in life are rainbows and butterflies. And like in Math, life is full of problems. And also like Math, every problem has a solution, we just have to be patient enough to try and try until we solve it.


All these are taught in SAM Singapore Math. Enrichment programs that share our values as parents are more effective in teaching not only the mind but also the heart. Contact us now for available class schedules!