How to create a Math-Positive Learning Environment for your Child

Math is all around us, yes. How then can you, as a parent, reinforce Math learning everyday without forcing too hard on your children? We want our child to appreciate math as part of everyday life and create a learning environment to make sure a learning opportunity is not missed and consequently creating independent learners. Here are the items to check to make sure you are creating a math –positive learning environment for you child.


  1. Revisit Your child’s school curriculum

A child who goes to school spends 8 hours of his waking time in it. It is important to check the school’s Math curriculum if he is able to catch up with it and help him if he is having a hard time. If needed, seek help from enrichment centers like S.A.M Singapore Math. S.A.M compliments any school’s Math Curriculum even if Math is being taught thru the traditional way in your child’s school. Rest assured that he will not be confused as there is an assessment to be done before the class to make sure that what he is learning enhances what he knows and where he is weak at.

  1. Play Math

Baking and doing the groceries are the best activities for practicing math. You can practice measuring and counting with your little one to follow the recipe for a simple cupcake. Doing the groceries are a lot more fun also since you can ask your child to get a certain number of goods to put in his own cart. If you’re going to enroll your child to an enrichment center, make sure that it makes Math fun to learn and not just a redundancy of how boring it is taught at school. Math, viewed as something fun, develops critical thinking skills.


  1. Be an Example

Never ever say to your child you are bad in Math. It gives them an excuse to be bad at it as well. And it will be an excuse as well for you not to expect much from your child because of the “non-Math Genes”. Remember that anything is attainable with practice. If you are not patient with teaching, find a Singapore Math training center that has a no memorization and no spoon feeding policy. Thus way you are sure that your child learns independently.

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