EXAM week is Coming! Help your Child score higher in Math Test

Exam week is coming! You’ve noticed that your child is having difficulty in comprehending math concepts and constantly gets just passing grades or worse! Very poor scores from his assessment book practices, short quizzes or seatworks.

So, you must be wondering why does your child keep coming home with results of such poor scores in Math? If you haven’t figured it out by now, you might want to consider visiting our S.A.M. Singapore Math enrichment center.  S.A.M. offers an in-depth assessment about your child. It will only take 30 minutes of child’s time. From the result of the assessment, the  S.A.M. trainer can determine your child’s math competence and identify his skill gaps. And, a carefully tailored learning program will be prepared by the S.A.M. trainer to  address your child’s specific needs and learning abilities.


One of the reasons why your child keeps having just a passing score or even low scores, might be that the classroom pace may be too fast for him or that he just find it too difficult. It may be that your child needs bolstering of specific math skills or a new way to learn math. Whichever it is, S.A.M is here to help!


Here are few samples on how S.A.M. can help your child who is struggling in math:


  • S.A.M. has a different but totally “easier” approach for solving a math problem compared to what his teacher teaching  him at school, focusing on helping him understand the “whys”  behind different concepts. (so EVERYTHING makes more sense)
  • Our students begin with easy problems and gradually proceed to more difficult ones when he is ready.
  • To make our students understand the problem easily, we use bar models and concrete materials when solving the math problem or equations so they can visualize it.


This month of August, S.A.M. will be conducting weekend Parent Orientation with assessment** for the child and  for 1 FREE trial Class.

You’ll get to learn new approaches in solving math problems that will definitely change your child’s perception of “difficult math” into “easy math”. Parents will be taught new strategies, how to use bar models and use concrete materials so that they can assist their children at home using the “S.A.M. Singapore Math approach”, especially now that the EXAM week is coming. For the schedule of the Parent Orientation with assessment** and 1 FREE trial class, please call directly the nearest SAM branch or see SAM branch facebook page. 



So, how can you help your child score higher or pass his Math exam? 









By gearing up their brain and body.  It means that a child will have to be mentally and physically prepared.


Here are top 5 Mental and Physical preparations before and during exam week:

  • Call in reinforcements: Get experienced help from math enrichment programs like SAM Singapore Math to help your child with his comprehension and analysis skills
  • Ask your child to answer your “practice test”. This will help both of you figure out what he does and doesn’t know.
  • Boost his self-confidence with words of encouragement.
  • Make sure he gets enough sleep
  • Teach your child ways on how to relax to reduce stress and anxiety.


To REGISTER  for the Parent orientation, assessment** and  1 FREE Trial Class, please call the nearest S.A.M Branch or send message to their Facebook page:

San Juan – 0905 4476924 / 218 1118

Marikina – 0917 6563115 / 0932 8763115 / 209 7265

White Plain, QC – 0917 5110287

West Ave. QC – 0917 8933104 / 622 8234

Binangonan – 0998 5326357 / 0998 8663606 / 546 3448

Angeles City – 0926 3371571

Imus, Cavite – 0917 7213919 | 0933 8599531

Lipa – 0916-9235411/  0909-2705464 / (043) 703 2304

Tanauan – 0955 1640525 / (043) 7069843

Cebu –09778137326 / 032 324 3030 / 032 4151803/

Davao –09151261124 / 09202801138 / (082) 284 4934

Macasandig, CDO – 0917 3034902

Zamboanga – 0917 1288992 / (062) 3103789


Mechanics, Terms and Conditions:

  1. Register first for the parent orientation, assessment and trial class by calling the SAM center near your place.
  2. Walk-ins who would like to attend the parent orientation and avail the free trial class will not be entertained.

  3. Before the assessment**  there’s a P100 fee to be collected, it is for the materials/worsheets that your child will use.
  4. Each trial class is equivalent to 1 hour session.

  5. The 1 FREE trial class will ONLY be given to those parent who attended the Parent Orientation.