Math Franchise Philippines 2019

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Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is the world's largest Singapore Math enrichment program. We focus on problem solving and deep understanding of math concepts, not on tedious memorization and repetitive worksheets.

In addition, we also use manipulatives (educational toys) and visualization techniques to reinforce math concepts to children. As a result, our students who used to hate or fear math are now seriously addicted to mathematics. They learned how to analyze and answer word problems where most children and even adults are having difficulty.

With S.A.M business system, on-going training and support, you can fulfill your passion to educate young minds while running a profitable and rewarding business.

Math Franchise by Sam and Lau is thriving in Philippines this 2019

S.A.M is a unique franchise opportunity for you to improve the quality of education in your community, anywhere in the Philippines - at par with Singapore Math standard.

Why franchise S.A.M than other math programs in the Philippines?

100% Made in Singapore. Our curriculum is developed by an in-house team of former teachers and textbook publishers in Singapore and updated by continuous Research & Development to stay ahead of global educational trends. As a result, the program in our Philippine centers are identical to our Singapore centers. Therefore, the kids in your community don't have to fly to Singapore because you can bring the same program for them.

No Spoon-Feeding. We guide our students by asking probing questions. In addition, our trainers carefully plan the right questions and activities before each class to ensure that our students "think". We believe that spoon feeding is easy but not long term. Above all, our goal is to develop independent learners and lifelong skills.

No Memorization, Just Comprehension. In other words, gone are the days of tedious memorization to excel in Math. So we place huge emphasis on non-routine word problems that requires comprehension and thinking to answer. As a result, our students understand the "whys" not just the "hows" of Mathematics. Furthermore, through our coaching approach, hands-on activities, guided and independent practice, our students develop interest and mastery in math, confidence, thinking skills and good study habits.

International Brand

We offer a stand-alone Math curriculum for preschool and elementary. However, even high school students are enrolling to our program because they want to improve their problem solving skills and pass college entrance exam in math.

Join our Growing S.A.M Philippine Family
SAM Singapore Math Franchise in the Philippines this 2019

This was our 2nd SAM Singapore Math Franchise Anniversary last January 2019 in SMX, MOA, Philippines. We recognized and awarded the best centers and they shared their best practices to other centers.

In 2016, we opened our first center in the Philippines and in two years, we've grown to over 50 centers nationwide. So franchise S.A.M while your area has no S.A.M yet because we provide exclusive territory per franchisee. In other words, you have to be the first in a territory otherwise you can no longer franchise S.A.M there.

Comprehensive Franchise Support

As franchisee, you don't have to get through the tedious process of researching, developing and testing an enrichment program. For instance, our worksheets, assessments and student forms are ready to print from our system. We'll provide you with on-going guidance and training to ensure that we provide the best possible program to our students.

In addition, you will get an international brand, business systems, curriculum development and proven strategies on student marketing. For instance, we'll also train you on lead generation and conversion to grow your student numbers.

The Franchisee Candidate

The business is suitable for candidates who are:

1. Passionate about educating children and helping them to be the best they can be.
2. Great communicators who can interact with and influence parents and children,
3. Confident to run and market a business, build and lead a team of trainers.
4. University or college graduates, competent in math, with high level of integrity.
5. Able to invest Php 900,000 to 1M in order to build (1) S.A.M center.*

SAM Naga

The total estimated investment is inclusive of franchise fee, training, manipulatives, furniture, marketing collateral and center renovation.


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