Franchising for the Future Generation : An Interview with Teacher Yen

Franchising – the word and the endeavor strike hesitation and even fear in some people. Maybe because of the capital it requires or the hard work it demands. After all, something great never comes easy. Franchising is not just about buying a brand. It is about matching one with your lifestyle and your passion. This brand will be know beside your name and your community so it is very important that you love to be associated with it. Loving the brand also means you will care for it from start to finish.

Teacher Yen of SAM Singapore Math – Batangas, proves that passion for teaching and love for the brand can take you and your business further into success.

Teacher Yen is an owner of a Multiple Intelligence School and was looking for a Singapore Math program that would assist her students to improve and develop their mathematical and critical thinking skills. She found SAM Singapore Math through research. And because she believes that every child has a different way of being smart, SAM Singapore Math resonated with her advocacy. There are different kinds of learners and SAM uses different approaches to make learning Math fun, exciting and enjoyable.

As a Franchisee, there were no big issues and problems with the brand and business according to Teacher Yen. But she is intent on maintaining the quality of teaching because she believes it is very important that they are teaching Singapore Math the right way. Constant communication to parents should also be observed.

As a successful franchisee, she advises that one must always believe in the product / brand first for it will be a lot easier to sell a product that you believe in. And of course, always aim for the best quality – specially in education.

When you are shopping for a brand to franchise, it is always a good idea to research thoroughly on it and even on the location you will set it up in. After all, you want to be assured of success from day 1. This way, you know your competition and the assets of the place and the brand you can push forward to find more and better client. Of course, it helps that there is a great team that can guide you to set up the Franchise.

For aspiring SAM franchisees, you are invited to join the SAM Singapore Math Franchise Orientation.