Give your Child a Headstart for This New School Year

Many are in awe of students who can recite the multiplication table perfectly. But is memorization really the key to giving your child a head start?

Although memorization is a useful skill, it will only take your child a few steps ahead. If what he memorized is not asked in a test or during recitation, he probably couldn’t answer anymore. In addition, memorization does not hone independent learners because doing so will also mean having to force him to sit still and remember terms and processes he has no interest in.


A parent’s role is to make sure her child is prepared for the future especially in terms of education. Regardless if the school system has caught up or not, our children must be able to solve real world problems. To develop a child’s critical thinking skills and conceptual understanding, there must be no spoon-feeding and no memorization. This technique will ensure that what your child learns is ingrained deep in his thoughts and will not be easily forgotten if he experiences mental block which is very common.


Here are some ways on how you can prepare your child for the school days ahead:

(1) Expose your child to fun hands-on activities that develop critical thinking in Math such as grocery or school supplies shopping.
(2) While doing homework and he asks for an answer, have him suggest his own solution even if it is far fetched. This will develop critical thinking.
(3) Enroll your child in enrichment center that focuses on developing critical thinking instead of just speed and memorization. This will give him a new learning environment and a new perspective that learning can be fun. We in S.A.M Singapore Math, use games and manipulative to explain how math works in real life. No more panicking during exams because he forgot the formula. In this environment where there is play in Math, the child will not beat himself up if he can’t memorize fast. He will naturally remember the processes enabling him to understand easier and better.


Yes we have calculators and computers to help us but electronics will never replace human creativity. A creative child always has a chance to stay ahead of the curve. Teaching your child to memorize the multiplication table is fun but if the numbers get bigger, he will need a calculator. But in an exam where problem-solving questions get the highest points and not fill in the blanks multiplication tables, your child definitely needs more than memorization to do good in Math this new school year.

Written By: Rafi Sartin

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