Happiness and Pride – A mother shares feedback on SAM Singapore Math

Mommy Zarina, like most parents, has a child who has difficulty in Math. According to news, Math is normally considered as the most difficult subject in the Philippine’s Basic Education Curriculum. But no matter how common the difficulty is, it is still heart breaking to see a child struggling with school. More so for a mother to see her child grow more unmotivated and more frustrated everyday. Mommy Zarina says that there are literally crying moments when her son, Joshua, answers worksheets. Us parents  do not want to force our children to something they dislike as well but they need Math in life! What to do?

As mathematics is a life skill, Mommy Zarina is not ready to give up yet, especially for her son. According to research, if the child does not develop a liking for Math at an early age, the natural aptitude or inclination to the subject may be difficult onwards. Upon seeing SAM Imus’ Singapore Math offering on Facebook, she enrolled 10 year old Joshua and it is her best decision yet.

From last year, Joshua’s grade was at 80. He was not enrolled in SAM Singapore Math yet. After a few months with SAM, there is a steady improvement in his grades and from line of eight, he finished his fourth term with an excellent 93! Mommy Zarina, tells us that she is happy to see the results of her son’s performance in math class especially in analyzing problem solving.

This academic year, Joshua has been consistent with improving his grades in Math. He started with 90 for the first term and immediately followed by 94 on the second term! Good job Joshua, keep it up!

More than grades, Joshua is now more confident. He is given the opportunity to accomplish success just by simply answering Math worksheets. And through overcoming challenges in Math concepts, Joshua makes his parents prouder and happier.

Mommy Zarina encourages parents and guardians to try SAM Singapore Math and see the results. She also thanks SAM Imus for unselfishly sharing the wonderful opportunity to help children learn SAM Singapore Math.

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