He Now Loves Multiplication.

Do you often wonder why your child has such a hard time learning math?

These are few samples of math challenges from kids age 6 to 12 years old :

  • Struggles to learn and remember basic math facts, such as 10 – 5 = 5
  • Uses fingers to count instead of doing the calculation mentally
  • Cannot make the connection between addition and subtraction like 3+2= 5 and 5-3=2
  • Do not understand the concept of “more than” or “less than”
  • Having a hard time to tell which fraction is bigger between 1/2 and 1/10


If you’ve seen at least one of these signs then your child is struggling in math.  Ignoring your child’s math struggles could lead to life-long difficulties in school and college admission exams.  It can even affect your child’s overall self-esteem and social life. Parents you need to act on this immediately!


This is what mommy Sophia did. She knew that her son needs help in Math and so she acted upon on it by enrolling her son to S.A.M Singapore Math enrichment center at Lipa.

“He really dreads our math time…. He has this mindset that Math is difficult and no fun at all. ”  


Mommy Sophia’s son is a S.A.M Student at Lipa for 3 months now.  When asked what is the effect of SAM Singapore Math program to her son, mommy Sophia’s response was:


“I was so happy because he told me that math can be fun to learn too. He is so excited every time he goes to S.A.M. He can now add and subtract faster than before. His critical thinking and analysis for word problems are better. He now loves multiplication unlike last school term.”









“S.A.M is not the typical math enrichment program that just teaches a kid by means of repetition. S.A.M develops critical thinking and helps the child to understand how certain math problems work… it helps one’s child to develop math skills.. it helped my son to love math rather than dread it…I love the S.A.M. worksheets on how colorful and illustrated it is. I also like the way it teaches Seth on how to analyze and comprehend the questions rather than just learning math through repetition.”




So the next time you hear your child “I give up! Math is so difficult!”, come visit our center.  Let S.A.M help your child to cultivate love for Math, develop their critical thinking and improve on their math skills.




Written By:  GRP