Kids Become Independent Learners Through Play

Play is a primary way that kids learn to understand and experience the world around us.


If you find your child staring at their Math homework and stuck, they’re probably thinking: How did a straight line, a cross and a curly become a seven? Sounds familiar? Does this happen too at your home?

Many children find Math difficult because they do not know where to begin to analyze simply because they do not understand the concept. Understanding is critical to appreciating. If a topic or a subject is simply hard to understand, the child is bound to give up and say it’s too hard.


To add to the struggle, traditional Math is taught in a very concrete and cold method – no opportunities for fun and creativity. S.A.M Singapore Math however is very different because it encourages play in Math. Children are naturally active learners and can learn so much through play. Through this technique, S.A.M builds the child’s critical thinking and comprehension so even if you twist and turn the question, the child understands and will still be able to answer the problem.


Through play and use of toys, blocks, cards, and props, S.A.M Singapore Math helps develop conceptual understanding first so the child grasps the essence of problem solving applied in real life. Mathematics is appreciated as part of life through playing and using materials seen and encountered everyday.

Play and guided play offer strong support for academic and social learning. In fact, children that were taught using playful and child-centered approaches do better in school exams. S.A.M Singapore Math is child-centered and child-led, there are no spoon-feeding and no memorization so the child can find the answer on his own. They will own their success of independently solving a problem!


Remember how you aced that exam when you were little all by yourself? And felt it was so easy like you were “just playing”? The lesson you most enjoyed through play was the one that you remembered the most, right? That same feeling is replicated to the students every session using the S.A.M approach. This is why this approach creates independent learners who understand Math easier and better!



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