Learning Math is Fun : A Testimonial

A mother’s feedback is worth a thousand comments. A testimonial from a mother can be relied upon, as you are sure that it is good for the whole family as well. Here are the details of Liezel Chavez’ testimonial from S.A.M Singapore Math – Tarlac City Branch about her beautiful daughter – Izarra Bernice’ experience with S.A.M Singapore Math.

Was she enrolled in other enrichment programs prior to S.A.M?

Yes. I enrolled her in another review center (Reading) for a year. She got tired of doing the same worksheets over and over again. The difference now is the subject ​she is learning and the approach on how Math is being taught.

Now that she’s enrolled in S.A.M for a few months already, were there any changes / improvements?

My daughter always looks forward to going to S.A.M. According to her “ Math is fun and I enjoy going to SAM”. I notice that my daughter does not ask for my help if she has any assignments. She says she can do it on her own. I observed that she always gets high scores on her quizzes, exams and seatworks.

My daughter became motivated in doing things o her own. Her independence in doing tasks at home amazed me. She did not only excel in Math but in other subjects as well.


What are your favorite methods/processes in SAM?

The curriculum itself and the worksheets make learning easier and fun at the same time. I also like S.A.M’s method of incorporating props and games, which makes it more interesting.

What would you like to tell parents who have not yet enrolled their children to SAM?

I suggest for them to give it a try just like we did. I tried it for a month and asked for my daughter’s opinion if she would like to continue it. She said she loves going to S.A.M and so she is still currently enrolled in SAM Tarlac.


Short message to SAM especially to SAM Tarlac

I would like to tank the staff of SAM Tarlac from the owners to the teacher/trainers. Thank you all for your dedication, hard work and patience in training my daughter. My goal is for my daughter to enjoy learning Math and not struggle with school works and you made it possible

Thank you to Mommy Liezel for this wonderful feedback. You and you child’s success (not just in Math) is our success also. We are so proud of Izarra’s achievements!

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