Prepare your child for their Math Exams – Effectively!

Math is taught in the Western / traditional way in the Philippines for the longest time. This approach is very abstract which makes it hard to understand and learn. Singapore Math on the other hand uses the CPA (Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract)

Approach which has proven time and again that it is the most effective in creating Math-Positive children. Through these tips with the CPA approach in mind, you can help your child prepare better for exams week and develop critical thinking skills.

Activate your child’s senses. You can prepare actual props so he can see and feel the items he will add like fruits for example. For the ears, you can talk about the problem and even make a story out of it, not just push a paper full of problems for him to answer. This technique is also used in SAM Singapore Math. SAM tutors make sure that there is no memorization and no spoon-feeding.

Make your practice sheets more colorful. Children are drawn to colors. Which is why in our SAM Centers, we make sure our worksheets are appealing to the children. After all, answering worksheets, no matter how mundane must always be seen and felt as fun. For more fun, you can even ask him to answer using multi colored pens and even color the final answer!

Add some challenge by adding a countdown. Exams have time constraints. To teach your child to be cool under pressure, you can help him get used to it by timing him little by little. Remember to remind your child that beating the clock is a “game” and that he will become better with more practice. Creating games also create independent learners that learn how to enjoy learning.

Solicit the help of the pros. Our SAM Centers take pride in our ACE Classes. ACE Class is S.A.M Singapore Math’s newest program aims to focus on difficult Math topics to help your child improve on his Math scores. The questions and the problems your child will focus on during these sessions are targeted to ace their exams. Contact your nearest SAM Center now and inquire about the ACE Classes!