S.A.M caught my attention

What caught the attention of Teacher Claire and decided to be a SAM Teacher/Trainer? We sat down and interviewed her.

Let’s get to know Teacher Claire.


She has been teaching Singapore Math for more than 5 years. She used to teach from a private school and now has been teaching at SAM Marikina for 7 months already.

1. What made you decide on teaching at SAM?

I taught in a private school with Singapore Math Curriculum for 4 years in Bulacan. When I decided to stay in Marikina, I also tried to apply in public schools but unfortunately the application process was over that time. That’s why I decided to apply in any private schools or center with Singapore Math Curriculum. There were centers who called me including SAM. But among those who called, SAM caught my attention, when they explained how the trainers teach and discuss the lessons with manipulative, I was very much amazed. That is why I decided to go with SAM.


2. What do you think is the advantage of Singapore Math vs the traditional math?

The advantages of Singapore Math vs Traditional math are:
a. The students learn the why’s before the how’s. Meaning, in Singapore Math we let the students know where it came from or discover by themselves, before the process of solving it.
b. The students learn to think critically by solving problems.
c. By using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach, the students discover by themselves that Math is a subject worth loving.


3. Why do you think some students dislike math?


I think some students dislike math because of how the teachers teach. If the teacher use the traditional way or teaching only the process on how to solve a particular topic, it limits the students and they cannot explore and discover by themselves the true beauty of Math.



4. What is your biggest hurdle as a SAM teacher/trainer?

My biggest hurdle as a SAM trainer is the fear of handling very young kids whose attention span is very short.


5. What is your biggest achievement as a SAM teacher/trainer?

My biggest achievement as a Math trainer is when one of my student from Ateneo got an award in Mathematics.


6. How long would does it normally take for a student to fully understand methods and processes of a Singapore Math curriculum?

A student can fully understand the process and method of Singapore math in just 1 session because Singapore math made learning easier. With the Singapore math Concrete-Pictorial-Abastract (CPA) Approach,  students not only overcome their fear of numbers but also learn to love and grow confident in math.