S.A.M Promotes Independent Learning in Children

As children child grows and their independence should develop as well. They should be able to do things for themselves, to express themselves and to explore their world independently. This is what S.A.M Singapore Math promotes “kids  learning independently”.


Independent Learning focuses on creation and formation of the various opportunities and experiences necessary for your children to become confident, intelligent, capable, motivated and life-long learners. Kids who are independent learners develop the attitude, required knowledge and important skills required to make right and critical decisions and take necessary actions to deal with their own, self-initiated learning. When your child learns independently, he or she will encourage himself to explore, develop, plan actions, solve problems and later take risks associated with the previously taken decisions.


Developing and promoting independent learning in your children is a very challenging task that takes a long time. Don’t spoonfeed your child. This is what we do in S.A.M Singapore Math. We let the children solve on their own, plan and execute what they are answering with the use of the manipulatives for them to them to easily understand what is being asked or what the equation is. Kids in S.A.M learn math by playing or fun activities. By doing this it provides a fun and motivating ambience and a learning experience to become engaged in developing skills of concentration and dedication. Helping your children develop independent learning and thinking skills should be a major priority in your life.


This is what our Franchisee in Marikina learned in more than a year of operating S.A.M Center. “Parents were thankful to us because we were able to create independent learners.”



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