SAM Singapore Math is More than Math : A Testimonial


For a child who loves learning, everyday is a new opportunity to grow. Mommy Kathy is blessed to have an achiever like her 9-year-old daughter Amanda. She has excellent grades in school and many will probably ask, why did Mommy Kathy enroll her in an enrichment program if she’s good already?

From an acquaintance, she heard about SAM Singapore Math. Mommy Kathy got interested with the creative teaching method – very different from the traditional way it is being taught in Philippine schools and so she gave it a try.

In Mommy Kathy’s testimonial, her daughter learned more than Math in SAM Singapore Math.

“She has become more independent in her studies, she does her homework by herself…and she can make her own reviewer during exams.” She wrote. As Mommy Kathy fully supports and assists her daughter during study time, it makes a mother proud to see their child growing independent and achieving milestones on their own day after day. The discipline in studying learned at a young age, is a skill a child can benefit from in years to come.

“She (Amanda) gained creative skills as manifested in her class projects,” Mommy Kathy added. As SAM Singapore Math encourages critical and creative thinking, it may have tapped in Amanda’s creative side which she was also able to apply in her other subjects like making projects.

Mommy Kathy attests that if you (the parents) want your child to not only improve on their math skills but also on their critical thinking skills on their daily lives then SAM is the answer. Furthermore, she thanks SAM Singapore Math – Tarlac for not only teaching Math but also for honing a better version of her daughter.

Thank you to Mommy Kathy for this wonderful feedback. We are so proud of being part of Amanda’s academic and character development! Thank you for making us part of you child’s success.

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