What is the secret to being good at math?

Aha! You struggled with it when you were still in school, right? That is why you stumbled upon this post so that you can learn the secret and pass it on to your children. Turns out, being good at Math is a life skill and not only does it help with chores and errands, it teaches critical thinking and independent learning as well.

So, why some kids perform well in Math while some do not? What is the secret to being good at Math? Is your child simply born clever, or is it the result of a lot of hard work? What is the secret?


Kids from Singapore are known to be good in math and science according to Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS) and Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)? Is it possible then that only Singaporeans can excel at Math? Of course not! Other children can adapt their techniques and be good at math too.

Singapore’s technique in teaching Math has proven to be the best in the world because many children learn fast, stress-free and at a competition level. It fosters deep understanding of equations and processes. This is the reason why may traditional schools are adapting the Singapore way of teaching Math.

Traditional schools, current parents are used to, teach Math through repetition and memorization. Since numbers are abstract, it is hard to memorize a process a child has no concrete grasp on. Do you remember back in elementary school, while you were solving for a word problem, you ask yourself: “Why do I have to solve this? It is very hard and I am sure I will get a wrong answer anyway. “ There is no appreciation because traditional students were not taught to be independent learners.

Because there is no memorization in Singapore Math, learners are taught to think critically. The SAM trainer will only guide the child with probing questions to help her find and correct the answer on his own. This creates ownership of the solution which makes the child proud of not just solving the problem, but doing it all by himself. S.A.M Singapore Math is the secret to being good at Math. Contact us!