Your Thoughts: Big Improvement in Scores in Math

We recently sat down with Mommy Virgilia Cañete to ask few questions about her thoughts on S.A.M. – Seriously Addictive Mathematics.  S.A.M. is a Singapore Math enrichment center for kids.

Virgilia is the mother of Gabriel Jerome, a SAM student at Marikina. She has her own business, an aqua culture and two internet cafes in Marikina and Montalban.  With her busy schedule, she still manages to have time with Gabriel at S.A.M. center.



Q:  How old is Gabriel? When did you enroll him in SAM?

A: He’s now 10 years old. Gab was enrolled here in SAM last May.

Q:  How did you hear about SAM?

A:  I did not have any idea about SAM.  I just saw their signage in one of the streets saying that they teach Singaporean Math.  I got their contact number and called them to inquire.  I was interested to enroll my son.

Q: What made you decide to enroll your child in SAM?

A:  I enrolled my son here in SAM because his present school teaches Singapore Math.  I prefer that he have a proper training on Singapore Math approach.

Q: Prior to SAM, have you enrolled your child in other programs similar to SAM? What are the differences and similarities? 

A:  Yes, but it is just a basic tutorial center.  They also taught Singapore math but it seems that my son’s grade in math got worse so I decided to try S.A.M.

Q: After few months of attending classes, what are the changes/improvements you saw with Gabriel? 

A:  As of this time, I saw a very big improvement with his scores in math tests.  I can see that he is not struggling so much in answering his lessons anymore, especially in problem solving.


Q:  What are your favorite teaching methods or approach of SAM

A:   I like the way they teach problem solving.

Q: Apart from the improved math skills that your child gained from SAM, are there other things that he improved on? 

A:  I believe that Gab also improved his reading skills and analyzing problems.  Also, I can see that he is now more focused to his math lessons.

Q: What would you tell other parents who have not yet enrolled their kids in SAM? 

A:   I would refer SAM to other parents whose child is struggling in Math subject.

Q: Any other message you want to tell us or to the parents?

A: I would like to say thank you to SAM for having a math training center like this.  It helped my son so much and it helped me as well.  More power and may God bless your Singapore Math center.


Thank you Mommy Virgilia for sharing your thoughts about us. We are so glad to know that we have helped your son in improving his math skills.

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